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Quotes From The Stars About Rob Jones
Jamie Carragher
When you look back at the best Liverpool full-backs of all-time – not just right backs – Rob Jones has to be up there.

Steve McManaman
He should have been England’s first-choice right-back for over a decade. Gary Neville achieved great things in the game but at the time Trigger was a better footballer, without a shadow of a doubt.

Ryan Giggs
I have faced some of the World’s finest full-backs over the years, but I still remember Rob as one of the most formidable defenders.

Graeme Souness
He has to go down as one of the best, if not THE best, signing I made at Liverpool… He should have been a 15 year man for the club because he was good enough to do that. Not many are.

Robbie Fowler
He would have got into any team in the league, if not any team in Europe. That’s how highly I rated Rob Jones. He really was that good.

Dario Gradi
Teams expect to pay good money for Crewe’s best players and Rob set that standard. It was great for everyone involved because he settled straight in at Liverpool and went on to play for England. It was fairytale stuff.

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